Desire Ring (SS)

158,00 $

Five 2mm CZs on a polished stainless steel ring. Laser engraved with the Shuzi Logo.

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?You're going to love this Fabulous Ladies Style CZ ring. The solid polished stainless steel?ring contains five 2.5mm cubic zirconias. The Brilliant Cubic Zirconias?are in-layed, with?a diamond equivalent?.25 Carats total weight?which allows them to?sparkle magnificently. The?ring is durable and?fits?comfortably on your finger. You'll love how it looks and love how it feels!

Height: 5.02mm /0.20inch

Thickness: 2.21mm /0.09inch

Weight Size 8.0: 4.5g /0.18oz


#4.0: 14.6mm /0.574inch

#4.5: 15.0mm /0.590inch

#5.0: 15.7mm /0.618inch

#5.5: 16.1mm /0.633inch

#6.0: 16.5mm /0.649inch

#6.5: 16.9mm /0.665inch

#7.0: 17.3mm /0.681inch

#7.5: 17.75mm /0.698inch

#8.0: 18.2mm /0.716inch

#8.5: 18.55mm /0.730inch

#9.0: 18.9mm /0.744nch

#9.5: 19.35mm /0.761inch

#10.0: 19.8mm /0.779inch

#10.5: 20.2mm /0.795inch

#11.0: 20.6mm /0.811inch

#11.5: 20.95mm /0.824inch

#12.0: 21.3mm /0.838inch

#12.5: 21.75mm /0.856inch

#13.0: 22.2mm /0.874inch

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